Here you can find extension and academic articles, and tools on a range of different subjects to help increase the competitiveness of your business. Althought the articles and tools are mostly based on wood products industry cases, they are still applicable to other industries. These tools and articles are free and you should use them on your own risk.

This MS Excel Spreadsheet shows how to develop the three most important financial statements: Income, balance sheet and cash flow statements. It also calculates the most used financial ratios.

Capital investments should consider not just the purchasing prices but also periodical costs and benefits. This MS Excel template shows an example on the purchasing of a CNC equipment for a kitchen cabinet manufacturer. The template uses the Net Present Value method to select the best choice of out three possibilities.

This article (in spanish) in page 11 shows the basics on Business Process Management (BPM). BPM is business process improvement framework that can help a firm to better align their business processes with customer, operational, and financial goals.

The House of Quality. This tool was designed to improve the functionality of a wine barrel. The template incorporate also product innovation tools such as Voice of Customer Window, TRIZ 9 screen tool, and TILMAG. For more info please contact Henry Quesada at [email protected]

When financial considerations are not enought to decide among different purchases of manufacturing equipment for instance, the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) can help to compare the options using non financial data. This template use the AHP method to help you select among three different equipment options.